Wednesday, April 10, 2024

X-Men '97 Keeps on Giving

Halfway through Season 1 of "X-Men '97", some scattered thoughts:

1) Props to everyone and anyone involved in this for pulling it off. In an ocean of nostalgia-bait cash grabs they brought back and updated the original cartoon with nothing but love and respect for the source material. The storylines, the social and political commentary, and the dozens of character cameos and little nods to the history of the X-Men prove as much, and are hands down impressive.

2) Gambit and Rogue remain absolute favourites.

3) The weekly drop for the episodes really works in favour of the story.

4) It's such a shame there hasn't been a solid X-Men video game in ages.

5) 'Remember It' was the best, most intense, gut-wrenching and emotionally impactful episode of the season so far. This is the most 'X-Men' anything X-Men related has felt in a long while, and holy shit I can't believe that I have to wait an entire week now (yes, I know this totally contradicts point 3, but let me have it).

6) Nightcrawler!

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